Thursday, February 10, 2011

Since our last a lot has happened...where to begin? There's my cuties topping off our Christmas tree. It's one I forgot to put in order but from here on out we start off after Heber's blessing...
Evelyn doing one of her favorite things...holding Heber. Can you tell that her left eye is black? She stood up in the stroller and fell onto a display at the mall. Poor baby :(
Evelyn turned 2 on August 2nd

One of her gifts was this rocking chair that used to be my mom's and then mine when I was little
We went to The Barn...a local petting zoo
Heber had lots of baths and lots of smiles
We had our 4 year anniversary on August 17th
This awesome one lost 40 lbs! Woohoo way to go baby!
Happy little ones
We played outside...remember green grass anyone?
Read lots of bedtime stories to these little cuties
First Sunday with a white shirt and tie...I think he knows it will never end :)
Happy Little Aggie
Just hanging is so funny right now to see their little arms and legs in these summer clothes since we are in the dead of cold right now
Baths, baths, baths
Tummy time
Swing hypnosis
Heber's first stroller ride out of his infant seat. He is so excited and she is so bored :)
We finally got a nice camera that can take cool pictures like this one
Evelyn moved into her big girl bed
We played in the water, and decided to strike a pose apparently
Evelyn got really good at bringing her brother toys
We had lunch in Idaho Springs and played on main street
Evelyn always makes her brother laugh...she plays with him and sings to him
Copying the cheerleaders at Uncle Dallin's football game. Now she'll say "Jump, shake you booty, jump jump, shake your booty"
Playing Uncle Preston's ukelele
We went on a mini vacation to Colorado Springs. Here we are on a waterfall hike
And at the Olympic Training Center. We also went to Garden of the Gods, and most importantly, Dunkin Donuts.
Evelyn finally fit into her "Mulan" dress that our friends brought her from Hong Kong when she was teeny
Evelyn learned how to bring chairs into the kitchen to "help" with whatever she wants
Heber learned to tap out in his Bumbo chair. I can't believe he used to fall asleep anywhere like that!
He also made an important discovery...feet
We went to the zoo. We wait around for their free days to go so this was Heber's first trip.
Little smirker
I came home to find this adorable little story time going on
And just adored spending time with these stinkin' cute people
We carved our pumpkins. Evelyn thought about diving in, and based on the state of her clothes and feet(?!) at the end, you would think that she did.
Evelyn requested Angel Moroni for her little pumpkin.
We won the costume contest at our ward party. Mad Hatter, Alice, Red Queen, and the Caterpillar
Doing the Angel Moroni trumpet at the Denver Temple. He's a popular guy at our house because Evelyn used to think every large building was a temple until we taught her to look for him.
Evelyn had her first up-close experience with horses. Our bishop and his wife have 2.
She didn't ride my herself for long but rode with me a lot! She talks about them all the time now.
Evelyn fed Heber his first solids. Isn't this hilarious? Their faces crack me up, it's like they got caught red-handed. I guess it's from the Teddy Graham incident (a.k.a. Evelyn put one in his mouth when he was days old and we had a long talk about how Heber only eats milk :)
Daddy feeding Heber. Smiles all around.
We froze our tushies off taking our family pictures in Kaysville at Thanksgiving
Santa at the ward party. Evelyn was running around with her friend Olivia and actually cut the line and sat on Santa's lap for the first time without us knowing about it/seeing it! We were still waiting further back in line...the little turkey. Luckily some nice friends let us jump in and stick her back on for a pic.
Heber's santa hat pics
Bundled in their winter hats
New footie pajamas on Christmas Eve!
Playing with toys together on Christmas
Evelyn's new dolly and moby wrap
Little sunday stud
I came home from the grocery store to find my little zoo keeper. She and Daddy were having a blast with her dress-ups. That is the only non-princess ensamble in their...
Cuddling on the couch
Heber loves to feed himself
Evelyn now changes outfits at least 3 and up to 11 times a day. We have lots of run-ins over the swimsuit because she cannot be convinced to at least wear leggings and a long sleeved shirt underneath it. One day I compromised by saying she could take a nap in it, then at least she would be under the blankets!
Heber scoots around to get what he wants now and will probably start crawling any day!
This is how Chris found us when he got home from work one night. Looks comfy huh?
At the Denver Aquarium
Ha ha his first time wearing a princess dress-up piece. First of many I'm sure :)
He is getting so big! 8 months old, and probably close to 17 lbs. A little average baby as far as size/percentiles go which is so strange after Evelyn being so tiny. He will pass her up weight wise in the next 6 months I bet because she is only 23 lbs at 2 and a half!
We just took this pic yesterday. Evelyn was watching a movie on the ipod and Heber was joining in :)